BAV Group Core Offerings

BAV Group Core Offerings

Growth Pathways

Uncover brand strengths, weaknesses, and audience perceptions to unlock opportunities.

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Brand Positioning & Optimization

Uncover your brand’s ideal meaning and elevate its cultural role using our proprietary Brand Tensity® framework. This approach identifies how to create a well-balanced identity, maximizing a brand’s full potential.


The only real-time equity model that links long-term brand equity building with real-time social dynamics and online behavior. We can uniquely understand brand perceptions, patterns of information sharing and engagement, and how they ultimately drive consumer advocacy in the marketplace.

Brand & Campaign Planning

Measure a brand’s meaning and equity over time, capturing how marketing campaigns, partnerships and product innovations impact consumer perceptions about the brand. We identify key performance indicators and benchmark brand equity over time, relative to peers and the broader cultural brandscape.

Partner & Sponsorship Analysis

No two partnerships or sponsorships are the same. Some reinforce the brand, some extend its brand meaning and others open you up to new audiences. Whether your need is identifying partners or measuring the impact of existing relationships, we can help you find the best brands, events and celebrities to align with your brand.

Cultural Insights & Trends

Understand how cultural dynamics and evolving consumer values and attitudes impact your brand. Tapping into 25 years of historical BAV® data as well as organic conversations online, our model identifies how to effectively leverage cultural insights for your brand.

Portfolio Architecture

Determine the power and role of brands across a client portfolio, identifying a cohesive brand identity system. We evaluate and help optimize the relationship between a master brand and sub-brands, bringing clarity to where alignment makes the most sense.

Deals & Acquisitions Evaluation

Explore the dynamics and consumer motivations within your industry, determining the optimal positioning for market growth and penetration as your business transitions into new territories.

Custom Research

Field research in any market to support strategic objectives and help answer essential questions. From custom tracking to segmentations to thought leadership development, we can partner with you to build data-driven solutions.

Brand Elasticity

Identify the degree to which your brand can stretch into different product categories. Explore the dynamics and consumer motivations, determining the power of your current brand as it extends into new categories.


People are brands too. From celebrities to athletes to politicians, BAV captures their brand equity. We can help you identify and leverage the people that align with your brand’s strategic mission.

Brand Monitoring

Capture the equity change of your brand over time, along with real-time shifts in your brand's owned and earned digital footprint.


Using our shopper segmentation that taps into the power of BAV, understand the ways consumers shop today and how this informs multiple perceptions of one brand.