“Her Gen Z World” report surveyed more than 3,500 girls ages 14-19 from 7 countries

In partnership with BAV Group and Berlin Cameron, Girl Up released a new global study that takes a deeper dive into the mind of Gen Z girls from the U.S., U.K., Colombia, Mexico, Spain, India, and China.

Gen Z Girls
Our Study & Model
Our Study

BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV®) is the world’s largest and leading empirical study of consumer brand perceptions. Since 1993, BAV has measured over 60,000 different brands on 75 consistent brand image and equity metrics. This data has accumulated across 50 countries, resulting in over 9 billion data points.

Our Model

BAV® measures extensive brand qualities and metrics that drive financial and marketplace success. This unique approach not only allows us to understand a brand versus its competitors, but also allows us to measure the roles of brands as a part of culture. For us, it is as much about the data as it is about the story around the data.

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