Brands of 2023 | Opinion Party, Vol 2.

Brands of 2023 | Opinion Party, Vol 2.



Laura Jones, Chief Strategy Officer

Opinion Party, Vol 2 | Brands of 2023 by BAV Group


Welcome back to the Opinion Party

BAV Group’s take on the cultural conversation around brands.

Typically, we’re the people in the room ‘bringing data to the opinion party’ when it comes to brands (hence the name!), but for our end of year wrap up, we tapped into some of our team’s best and brightest minds to bring you our (highly educated) opinions covering all corners of the brandscape.

BAV Group analysts spend thousands of hours each year quantifying, dissecting and debating the latest brand triumphs and epic fails. This collection of POVs flips the script, where the experts are now speaking from their personal perspective.  Plus, we’ve invited some of our favorite AI bots to opine as well.

When we say brand here we really do mean it in the broadest sense of the word, because let’s face it, today everything and everyone is a brand (even in some cases, your doctor!) Our experts are covering a wide range of topics, from the downfall of reality TV to the rise of GPTs. A spin-off from one of America’s most ubiquitous brands, to even (arguably), the world’s most powerful brand: The American Dream (although our Best Countries study shows strong evidence of this).

Finally, no brand wrap up would be complete without an exploration of entertainment brands. We’re looking at brand biopics cashing in on IP from the likes of Barbie and Nike, as well as a powerful marriage in between an iconic female celeb brand and an all American sport. Well, not technically a marriage yet, but a girl can dream.

Thanks for talking brand with us this year, and we look forward to continuing the conversation in 2024.

Warm Regards,

Laura Jones,
Chief Strategy Officer