Tennis, But Make It Fashion

Tennis, But Make It Fashion



Vanessa Fuss, Managing Director

Tenniscore is taking over in summer 2024
Tennis, but make it Fashion by Vanessa Fuss

Summer is tennis season, beginning with the French Open followed by Wimbledon and ending with the U.S. Open. More Americans than ever are playing tennis, 24 million according to the United States Tennis Association, sparking renewed interest in the sport.

Tennis is also heating up off the court too—from the box office to the runway, "tenniscore" is popping. The fashion trend marries athleisure with elegance by paying homage to the sports' classic attire of polo shirts, cable knit sweaters and pleated skirts. What was once a microtrend on TikTok is now mainstream.

At the movie premiere of The Challengers on April 16, Zendaya—who plays the leading character of a tennis player turned coach—sported a tenniscore ensemble and stilettos with tennis ball heels. The MGM/Amazon sports drama clinched the number one spot during its opening weekend. Moviegoers shared their tenniscore fits on social media, illustrating the power of method dressing to inspire fans and immerse themselves in a world of tennis.

When it comes to luxury fashion, Lacoste honored the brand's tennis legacy by selecting Court Philipee-Chartier at Roland Garros as the runway for debuting its Fall 2024/Winter 2025 collection at Paris Fashion Week. The show featured apparel in hues of red clay, green, and white inspired by the sport itself. Beyond apparel, Louis Vuitton unveiled Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, two of the greatest tennis players of all time, as the faces of its renewed 'Core Values' campaign.

Mainstream retailers and toy companies are also jumping on the tenniscore wagon. Target's latest collaboration with Prince includes stylish tennis and pickleball attire at affordable prices. And in toy aisles across America, Venus Williams' Barbie will soon hit store shelves. The legendary tennis player teamed up with Barbie to commemorate its 65th anniversary.

With fashion and pop culture inextricably linked, tennis is heating up for a smashing summer. Brands should consider betting on tennis as a prime marketing platform to stand out in an attention economy. Whether serving up partnerships with a tennis brand or sponsoring a tournament, your brand is poised to align with potential customers' interests, drive engagement and ultimately increase sales.


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Author: Vanessa Fuss, Managing Director

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