Getting to the Second Date: What Makes a Brand Attractive

Getting to the Second Date: What Makes a Brand Attractive



Carolyn Hanuschek, Content Coordinator


With brands being so present in our daily lives, it only makes sense that they have pervaded our love lives as well. There are brands that we love and lean on even in our dating lives, to the extent that we’re almost in a relationship with – or dating these brands.

So, what exactly does it take for a brand to become attractive to the point of being ”dateable” to consumers?

BAV® has recently included some key attributes like sexy to complete the set of factors that gives us the dateable brands index. High-performance brands on the date factor assures that the brand is attractive from a dateable point of view.

Our data determined dateable brands share three key attributes: confidence, empathy, and flirtatiousness. Each of these characteristics is key, and each one of them plays a different role; a brand cannot succeed and qualify as a dateable brand if it does not have at least one of these attributes.

  • Being confident means having unwavering self-assurance in your brand, being at the top of your game by constantly adapting to even the slightest of changes in your category, and being surrounded by competitor brands that are of as equal of high quality. It takes guts to be a confident brand, and emanating that belief on an outer level will aid in giving off the contagious illusion to consumers of brand confidence that can change perceptions of your brand – even if that confidence is not inherent.

  • An empathetic brand goes beyond simply putting itself in its consumer’s shoes. And it certainly does not mean just appearing to value the same things as your consumers. There needs to be authenticity and charm in order to be dateable, human.  Just as when on a first date, you must be a good listener to succeed.

  • The last factor is flirty. Meaning, a brand must be sexy no matter the category it’s competing in. It has to be stylish in its look, feel and expression of self, and last but not least, it must be glamorous.

A brand with all three of these attributes truly is the most attractive brand on the block.

Latin America knows very well what it takes to be hot, sexy and dateable. Known as the sexiest region because of its romantic languages, exciting dances, happiness rates and beautiful women, BAV Group’s LATAM global partners identified the top dateable brands* in Latin America:


*Local brands that are in the top 20 on the three clusters that conform to the hot, sexy date brand index (emphatic, flirty and confident).

Written by Bárbara Plazas.